No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent John Donne

Listening Oasis Wellness Space is being impacted by contributors, collaborators & sponsors. Giving you an insight of our inspiration.

Princella Tobias

CEO & Owner of Benton Spirit Community Newspaper

She is a whirlwind with visions. You may know of her as founding publisher of the Benton Spirit Community Newspaper ( But, she is way more.  Her heart and soul forever seeks to bring hope to those pressed down, she seeks to bring joy and laughter to those in pain, and to love others despite of distance. She pleads passionately for all to see the true beautiful spirit and goodness of her adopted hometown of Benton Harbor. This is her ministry to the youth, to the old, to those abandoned, to the disrespected, and to the incarcerated. She is there. Cajoling like a whirlwind does to its status quo. Her name is Princella Tobias, a daughter, a friend, an activist. She is heart , inside and out. She is whirlwind.


One of her latest creations is the idea of providing a mental health hotline resource to the Benton Harbor community especially for the elderly during this historic moment of COVID19. To do this she collaborates with Dr. Yvonne Murray-Larrier’s Listening Oasis Wellness Space program that focuses on uplifting communities through social-emotional wellness. So in late February 2020 was born this collaboration between the Benton Spirit and GCSCORED ( as an oasis, a listening place, a watering hole to refresh and renew COVID19 weary souls.